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If you have a new male puppy right now, you are trying to name your new baby like a potential parent, just like you are trying to name it right for him. We put a lot of effort and thought into finding our dog's name which is easy on the ears and we won't feel embarrassed in public. I think "Dog, Slobarch Ops" compared to "Buddy, Come", right in Dog Park? According to some reports, you name your dog at least 35,000 times during your pet's life. So you should choose that you will be excited long after the Male Dog Names of the Year" ends.

One idea is to name your dog as an identity or celebrity in history, in films or in folk culture. Take the name "Duke" for example. One of the most famous Duke is Duke Ellington, a famous jazz pianist. Duke was also named in the final film Tough John Wayne. And for TV trivia fans, it was the name of a hunting dog from the TV show "The Beverly Hills".

You can also name your dog after a personality trait. Does he drown in things and knock them? Perhaps "Buster" would be a good name. If it is strong and playful, "Rocky" may be the right fit. Does he always steal your socks? "Dasyu" may be just the right name for that.

Others prefer to name their dog after their favorite drink, such as "Bud" or "Buddy" or Auto Tow "Beamer" or athlete "Jordan". (Funny that it always works better on male dog names than dog names.)

It can be interesting to choose a male dog's name based on the meaning of the name and the relationship of your dog. For example, "Bearguard" means "pretty face". The name "Liam" means a certain protector. And who can forget "Frodo" from Lord of the Rings for your loyal male furry friend?

Choosing an exotic name that reflects your dog's heritage is another option. For example, if you have an old English lamb, you can name your dog after a traditional English name such as Addison, Barclays or Grover. If you have a Scottish terrier, "Tavis" or "Finale", both good Scottish names, may be appropriate.

You'll want a name that has a fun twist. If your dog has a slightly thicker face, "Gordito" may suit him. A little irony can also be fun. What is "Botox" for shar shar-pei (who have naturally wrinkled skin from head to tail)? But be careful here: whatever may be present may be a thing of the past in a few years (think of all the little girls named Brittany).

Some things to keep in mind while choosing a name:

The dog's name should be short, preferably one or two letters. It is easy for you to call and your dog is easy to understand.
The dog's name should not sound like a command. For example, "J" seems very close to "no". This can be confusing for your dog.
Dog names should not sound like other family names, as this can cause a lot of confusion.
Does it have a cute, foreign name or attitude to match your puppy even after your beloved dog has grown up?
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